The Great whatever whatever something something for people who want to pwn good and want to do other things good, too

Brought to you by the RunCode.Ninja Team.


Congrats $player, You won!


We have a some prize. We want to give it to you.

How do i winrar?

Be the first to find all the flags, or have more points than everybody else once the timeframe has finished.

What is in scope?

All the things listed on the Services page.

Are there any other prizes?

Not yet, maybe?

Ok, I'll bite. How do I play?

Register an account, download your vpn conf from your profile page, connect to the network, pwn those services. Find flags along the way.

Is there a flag format?

Not really, no. Look for l33tsp34k words scattered about and try submitting them. They'll generally be in places where you might normally find something of value, anyways (config files, passwords, so on and so forth).

This gameplay style is teh weird

Sure, it's different, but we felt it quite similar to the style of the DerbyCon and EverSec CTFs and just... feels like the thing to do. Sorry if you don't like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯